The Golden Flute 4: The Request

It was a rough night.

Turning and tossing no side would calm a troubled soul.

Dosing of a few times only to be awakened by the vision of the Flute chasing him.

He sat up upon his bed.

He romanced the darkness with the contents of his heart.

‘What in the world is happening to me? Shall I go? Shall I not?

To the hut to whisper my request,

for fear I lay bound fastened by this darkness that overpowers me.

A troubled soul with no peace. Where do I go, Who will heal my wounds?

Delight in me my people I plead. I wish not this even upon my very foes.

My maker still has not forgotten me. Though I am like one who doesn’t exist,

Still I hope a perfect day would come. When? My fragile mind can not tell

wish for me beautiful birds of Oko Village,

Pray for me oh trees, if you have lips bid me a victory today

I am faced with this ray of hope

Nature calls. Dafe took his little lamp along with him to express his bladder contents.

The sun managed to throw its light fighting through the thick blanket of the dark clouds.

Dafe took some water to rinse his mouth.

The night had been rough and a clean face would help him.

He went over to the village square picking some mangoes as usual.

The Royal family looked gorgeous.

All the chiefs and their families already present. Everyone was ready to go. A prefect queue that obvious would last a life time. Dafe hid behind the bushes observing the proceedings.

I would check back later.

Back to his hiding place, to look for some snails to roast. The hunters won’t be coming.

On and on combing through the bushes. Some fruits here and there makes a small stomach full.

Some animals would know him by now. It’s being two years now the villagers were waiting to hear of his demise.

His father’s brothers and sisters denied him.

Called a forbidden child. He was abandoned to the wrath of the village idols.

They had forgotten all that Papa did for them.

They had forgotten the meals Mama made for them.

He wasn’t responsible for his father’s death, the shrine accused him and his mom.

The verdict broke his mother’s heart and soon afterwards she passed on too.

At first he couldn’t comprehend what was going on until he was ousted out of his home.

With all his belongings and that of his mom, he was moved to the ostracised hut on the outskirts of the village.

While the villagers hoped for him to die, he had resolved not to.

Thankfully, he had survived thus far.

Dafe wandered in the forest until he got to the riverside not far from his little hut.

He took a dive in and washed himself.


No one would chase him away today. They were all too busy making themselves a wish upon the Golden Flute.

The sun was setting as the sky prepared for dusk.

After a cool bath, he stretched himself on the riverside and slept off.

Two hours slipped past and Dafe was awakened by the sting of the soldier ants.

Hish! Hish! Hish! Hish!

Slapping his back unprofitably, his legs, his hands and belly were not spared.

These terrible ants, who have sent you to trouble me?

He jumped up and down until he finally got rid of his tormentors.

The Golden Flute! he exclaimed.

He began to make short runs and walks in between.

Finally, he got close to the village square. Peeking through the tall grasses he found no one there save the guards at the entrance.

He waited and waited.

‘If I run through them they will lift me out of there like a piece of wood’.

‘If I ask nicely, it wont work either’

What do I do? Dafe spoke under his voice

I need to distract them, he concluded.

He moved carefully through the bushes. Picked some stones.

The first guard was stationed on the right and the other was leaning on the adjacent tree.

Dafe came closer observing their movements.

Both men appeared tired.

He waited a bit. If I make weird noises they would go to check what is happening

He moved far away from the bush overlooking the hut. He began to hurl stones at the trees.

What is that noise?

‘You go and check’….

‘No, you go’…

They began to argue among themselves.

Dafe thought it better to take the aim at them one after the other.

The stone hit one of the guards.

Fear gripped them both as each person collided into his neighbor

They ran as fast as lightning.

Dafe seizing the opportunity, ran into the hut. The Golden Flute was layed on a gorgeous mat.

He knelt down beside it.

Tiny tears rolled down.

He began to mutter some words as he placed his hands on the mat.


When he was done, he gradually stood up and left the hut.

You! Hey You! It is this small brat brought silly out of us.

Screaming guards came running towards him.

Dafe was tired he managed to pick up is feet and into the bush the way he came.

What a night!

To Be Continued….


21 thoughts on “The Golden Flute 4: The Request

  1. Ifeoma – – I am so sorry, it has taken me almost a whole week to stop by and comment from #TuneInThursday linkup last week. I was away at a Conference since last week and the wifi was practically non-existent.

    Aaaahhhh – don’t stop now – this is so good, I want to know more…. hopefully I won’t have to wait too long and you will link up the next part and I will be hanging on each word again.. this is good Ifeoma – I can’t wait to see where it goes.

    Again thank you for linking up last week, and I hope to see you tomorrow at #TuneInThursday

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